The Full Story


A generation of footballers in South Africa that played for Bafana Bafana® between 1994 and 1997 who rose to the challenge to win the 1996 Africa Cup of Nation and qualifying for their inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1998, they reached the highest ranking at 16 and remain the only cup winning generation in South African football history since re-admission. In 2021 this generation celebrates the 25 year anniversary of their maiden win announcing the country as a footballing powerhouse after years of isolation due to apartheid. The celebrations will have many events seek to inspire ordinary South Africans to dream bigger not only in football but in their lives too.



Our mission is to inspire the next generation of South Africans to stand up and be counted in their way using all the talent and skills at their disposal. To also aspire to something bigger than themselves.



We envision a South Africa that is brave to take up big challenges but empathetic to their surroundings and show care for those in tough circumstances.